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Back To Wall Toilet Buying Guide

Written by Zilvinas Puisys

There have been different types of toilets introduced into the market over the years. However, while some are great to make use of in various homes, others aren’t just up to scratch in terms of features and functionalities. This will definitely defeat the original purpose of renovating your bathroom in order to make it have a modern look once not gotten right.

Back to wall toilet is simply one of the best types of toilets that you will find out there. The reason for this is that they can make your bathroom look stunning once installed. However, it is important to simply understand the fact that getting top quality back to wall toilet isn’t a straightforward process. This is because there are a few variables which you will have to take into consideration.

Some of these factors will be listed below. Just try to apply them anytime you want to buy a back to wall toilet and you are guaranteed to get the best amongst others.

Design is Important

The back to wall toilet comes in various designs. While some of these designs are impressive and can make all the difference in your bathroom once installed, others may just fall short. You need to consider the design of whatever back to wall toilet you must have chosen. Try to ensure that it is something which can easily fit into your bathroom perfectly. Such may not be in terms of design but also color.

If you ever fail to take this into consideration, your bathroom may not have that modern look and feel that it ought to.  A modern back to wall toilet is supposed to look stylish and sleek. Take the furniture of your bathroom into consideration before pulling out your credit card.


It is true that back to wall toilets are expensive due to their impressive and wonderful features. However, there is no doubt that you can still find those ones that are affordable which you can install in your bathroom. It is all about looking beyond where you are at the moment and trying to have as many options as possible with regards to sellers.

There are lots of companies out there putting out one promotion or the other to ensure that homeowners like you get access to some of the best back to wall toilets. This implies that even with a shoestring budget, it is very possible to get top back to wall toilets.

Complete Accessories

If you aren’t careful about this, then you may spend more money than required trying to make your back to wall toilet become complete before installation. You have to ensure the one to be purchased comes with all the accessories. For instance, one item that you need to look out for is its hidden cistern. In case it isn’t included, just do yourself a little favor by checking elsewhere. This is because such may cost you more in the long run as you have to buy it separately.

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