Best adjustable bed with pillow tilting

Best adjustable bed with pillow tilting
Written by Zilvinas Puisys

Many people are searching online for the best adjustable beds for their convenience. We have the best collection of adjustable beds for our valuable customers. We recommend Leggett and Prodigy 2.0 for our valuable customers. You can also visit our website for the best adjustable Bedroom Solutions.

You can find the different features of this bed mentioned below.

  • Pillow Tilting: Most of the beds in market come with head and foot tilting. But the above mentioned bed comes with comfortable pillow tilting option. This is an additional option that you can find in this model of Bedroom Solutions. You will get the head and neck support with adjustable frame. This is very useful when you are doing any activity with that requires head and neck support like watching tv, reading a book etc.
  • You can find another adjustable base with pillow tilting in the sit-up position. It is the top rated bed in or high end list.
  • Programmable/customizable memory positions: Ordinary adjustable bases have factory preset non customizable memory positions but this bed comes with programmable memory positions for customer’s comfort.
  • Wall hugging: This model comes with wall hugging option which provides you the comfort of using the night stand. We recommend only wall hugging option to our valuable customers.
  • You can also enjoy the option of full body massage in the above mentioned bed. You can get the massage from head to toe. The massager has two separate motors for upper and lower body.

Bedroom Solutions

  • In this electronic age everyone is working with the electronic gadgets so this bed comes with the feature of USB ports on an adjustable base. You can charge your different electronic gadgets with the help of these USB ports. This model is known as the king if you want built in USB. You will get the total of eight USB (Four each side) in the bed.
  • Two factory preset memory positions: One touch button and anti-snore position.
  • Lift Capacity: You will get the industrial leading lift capacity of 850 pounds.
  • Alarm Clock: You can get the split king model and your bed would vibrate without disturbing your partner.
  • Sleep Timer: This feature is very useful for the customers. The bed will automatically adjust itself to the flat position once you fall asleep.
  • Under bed lighting: this is also a very useful feature and you can use this option at night without turning the main lights on.
  • Illuminated/backlit remote controller: You will get Illuminated backlit remote controller.
  • Whisper quiet motor: You will get the whisper quiet motors.
  • High safety standards: Bed has high safety standards.
  • Adjustable leg height: The bed offers the adjustable leg height feature for the customers.

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