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Outdoor solar lights are one of the most effective and environmentally friendly devices in the world. Getting an outdoor lighting system is a good idea because they are very cost effective and do not need electricity to work. As with all appliances, it is always advisable to go for quality products and this article will highlight the best Outdoor Solar Lights in the market and their different features. Listed below are the outdoor lights you should look out for when planning to go shopping for outdoor lights.

  • LITHOM SOLAR LIGHTS: Lithom solar lights are one of the most sought after and effective solar lights in the market. The solar device effectively stores sunlight and has a function that enables it to sense motion in the darkness. It offers 24 LED lights that do not consume much energy or power. It is also versatile as it has three sensing modes which are located behind the housing unit and gives you the power to decide which lighting mode is best for you.
  • AOOTEK 36 LED SOLAR LIGHTS: Another great option for outdoor solar lighting is the AOOTEK new and improved 36 LED Solar lights. This outdoor light offers a bright illumination of your outdoor areas which can reach up to 270 degrees as it features 36 LED Lights. It also includes the 180 degree PIR motion sensor device which can detect movement from a distance as far as 26ft. It also comes with 3 lighting modes which also makes it quite versatile. It is also photosensitive, as it turns off during the day time and comes on at night. It makes use of a 220mah battery which is durable owing to the fact that it is made of lithium-ion.

  • INNOGEAR SOLAR LIGHT: The new and improved innogear solar light is a good option also as it offers an innovative and beautiful design. This solar light is designed with an extended spike function which gives the owner the ability to easily stick it to the ground and easily adjust the lights. It comes with 4 LED lights which produce 50 lumens in each unit, this giving it an outstanding output of 200-lumen on 3.7 volts.

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