Fuel types of Patio Heaters

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During winter, many people tend to trap themselves inside their house. It’s time to install patio heaters in your outdoor areas.  After installing, you can enjoy outdoors with your family and friends even in the winter. This is one of the best ways to keep your guest or friends warm if you host an outdoor event. It will make your outdoor areas warm in winter and spring. You can also relax while enjoying your wine or coffee. The Patio Mate website gives the information or reviews about all kinds of patio heaters.

The patio heaters are necessary if you own a house or business. You also get the experience of patio heaters in local bars, cafe, and restaurants, etc. There are several types of patio heaters in the market, and you can purchase the patio heaters as per your requirement. You can easily select the patio heaters as per your surrounding areas or place. However, before buying any patio heaters, you must read the reviews on Patio Mate. It is the only website that provides a product review and also product information in detail.


There are various patio heater fuel types that are listed below:

  • Propane: It is one of the most common sources of fuel to generate the heat in outdoor areas. The propane used in many heaters and all those patio heaters comes with the wheel at the bottom, so you can easily move the heaters. The standard propane heater has about 20 pounds of propane tank, and the smaller heaters have a small propane tank. These types of heaters have a higher BTU as compared to electric heaters and they also provide great heat for large areas.
  • Electric: If you don’t want to buy or refilling propane heaters, then electric heaters are an ideal alternative for your outdoor purpose. It is straightforward to operate; you only want to plug in the heater and turn the switch on. There are three different types of electric heaters versions such as a floor, wall mounted and tabletop. All of these patio heaters are run on the electricity, and these are beneficial for small areas. As they provide the better result of heat or warm in small outdoor areas.
  • Natural gas: It is very similar to Propane heaters, they also have higher BTU and can keep warm the large areas. In these heaters, you have to attach with your natural gas container, and you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel. These types of heaters are very rare, and it includes the version of patio heater like the floor and freestanding patio heaters.

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