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Written by Zilvinas Puisys

Everyone wish to make their home outlets to be so adorable and eye catching to increase the attention of guests as well as for increasing the value of home. In order to do this thing, there are so many ways available. Well, installing the lawn is one of the most effective things to do. Yes, lawn in your home can give the attractive appearance to your home along with relaxed feel to yourself. However, maintaining the natural lawn is quite tedious and so people are now opting to the Artificial Grass Samples which is made up of some natural chemical compounds. In this article, you are going to see how you can install this grass in your home.

Artificial Grass Samples

Tips to install

Before you are going to install this synthetic grass in your home or wherever the place, you should consider some essential things. Let’s see some tips for installing the grass in your home in the most effective manner.

  • Plan your area – The first and foremost thing that you need to focus for installing the grass is planning the area to be covered. You have to make sure that the water pipes and cables are below the digging depth. It is better to lay down the type 1 stone on the area when it is has the drainage issues.
  • Create an edge – When there are no parameters for the product, it is always better to develop the edging system. After that, it can be filled with soil and some pieces of wood to give the adorable look.
  • Lay the base – After the edging system is installed, you should fill the area with sharp sand or the granite dust. It is better to make the depth in 20 cm to get the best results
  • Apply the weed membrane – If the base installation is completed, you should apply the weed membrane to the area. This is for preventing the weed growth along with the water drainage.
  • Fit the lawn or grass – Once all the base setup is over, you should unroll the artificial turf on the area. While this process, you should make sure that the weed membrane is not moved.
  • Finishing touches – If you want to finish the lawn setup, you can apply the sand to the turf. It can be done using the stiff brush or the blower.

In this way, you can install the Artificial Grass Samples in your home to get the gorgeous home outlook.

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