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How Harmful Are Bed Bugs and What Can You Do About Them?

How Harmful Are Bed Bugs and What Can You Do About Them
Written by Zilvinas Puisys

Bed bugs can do massive health damages to human beings. However, there are many who do not take it that seriously until it is late. The skin rashes are just the beginning, and there can be allergic reactions and even psychological effects. In fact, they are likely to be more harmful to certain people than most others depending on various factors like skin sensitivity, immune system, age, and vulnerabilities. Therefore, you should not neglect bed bugs anymore whether they are on your bed or furniture. If you are in Sydney where bed bugs infest almost any time of the year, you need to be in contact with the company like Oracle Services for bed bug pest control in Sydney. Apart from bed bugs, they can control the infestation of other types of pest and elimination them completely.

Harmful Effects Of Bed Bugs

Skin Disease – As stated earlier, different people can have different reactions to the same bed bug bite. Some people can show no visible effect while others can have macular spots appearing on their skins from bed bugs’ bites. In most of the cases, they can be intense itching and formation of wheals and bullae. The itching can last for days making it difficult for you to do any work. Moreover, the formation of the central hemorrhagic spot can also occur from the bug’s saliva. The symptoms to these skin issues may not appear for some days initially. Some infections can happen only after multiple bites. However, numerous bites can lead to urticaria.

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Psychological Effects – It is hard to believe that bed bugs can give you psychological problems. If there is serious infestations in different furniture, you use daily, and if the attack is chronic, there can be psychological effects like stress, anxiety, and most importantly, insomnia that are noticeable. There are high chances of the development of refractory delusional parasitosis.

Apart from these, anaphylaxis is a rare occurrence, but it is not impossible that can arise from bed bugs. Multiple bites can also cause anemia. Skin breaking down while scratching is a common observation. Even though airborne allergens are less, but cases of asthma are also noted. If you have pets and kids, they are likely to be most affected.

The Remedy

You should not buy any second-hand furniture item. There should be a gap between the wall and the furniture. You should clean the hard to reach areas behind or under the furniture regularly. Always use disinfectants while cleaning. It is recommended to avail the service of a pest control company like Oracle Services annually for bed bug pest control in Sydney. The need for an annual checkup is required in the area like Sydney where the bed bugs thrive throughout all the seasons for the year.

You should clean the bed sheets and covers regularly and put the furniture, foam, and mattress in the sun for a few hours. The heat from the sun kills the bed bugs. Moreover, there are certain sprays available that you can use on your couch or sofa where you sit in a sweaty condition mostly. Prevention is always better than cure.

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