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Written by Zilvinas Puisys

A koel vriescombinatie combination does more than keeping foods and drinks at optimum temperatures, and many of the latest features include the functionality to fully integrate into your life and help protect the planet as well.

Fridge-freezer Maintenance Tips

  • Checking the door seals – make sure that the seals are free of food residue so that the energy will not be wasted. You can try to put paper money in the door, half in and half out. You may need to have the door seals checked by service personnel if it breaks down easily.
  • Setting the correct temperature – keep your refrigerator between 3 – 7 degrees and 19 degrees for the freezer.
  • Keep the fridge filled – to maintain a low temperature, refrigerators need thermal mass. Cool drinks and foods can help absorb the warm air that flows in when you open the door.
  • Be prepared – keep the doors closed and use food from the pantry if the power fails.

  • Defrost – take the food out of the fridge when a frost has formed on the inner walls of the freezer that is up to a thickness of half a centimeter. Switch on the appliance again when the frost is completely melted and wait until it reaches a normal temperature and refill it with food.
  • Self-thawing fridge/freezers – you do not have to do anything if your refrigerator has a self-defrosting. The refrigerator heats up its cooling coils slightly to melt any ripples on the coils every six to eight hours.
  • Clean the interior – to remove the crumbs and spills from shelves and walls, use a cloth moistened with warm water every week. An all-purpose cleaner makes work easier and absorbs stains and sticky stains without much grease.
  • For stainless steel units – it is best to follow the “grain” or pattern of the stainless steel during sweeping.
  • Deodorizing – dye and remove odors with a deodorizer that is specially designed for refrigerators.

Clogged or Freezing Dehumidification

The defrost water leaves the defrost drain during the defrost cycle of the freezer. The defrost water ca sometimes freeze over the drain. The defrost water will run over the drain and leak out of the bottom of the freezer if the defrost outlet is clogged with ice. You can use a turkey bread and hot water to rinse the drain in order to defrost the ice in the defrost drain. Install a drain heater to melt the ice if you defrost drain frequently freezes.

How to Start Cleaning Your Refrigerator

It is important to keep your refrigerator clean and neat. The refrigerator is one of the most important issues when cleaning the kitchen. It is vital that the appliance is kept clean and hygienic to reduce the risk of food poisoning with both raw and cooked food as well as beverages and spices. Cleaning the fridge-freezer does not have to be a disheartening process unlike cleaning the refrigerator that is not as simple as cleaning other parts of the kitchen and certain products may not be used to clean the fridge-freezer. https://koelvries-combinatie.nl here are the following steps to start cleaning your refrigerator:

  1. Remove all food from the refrigerator for you to clean all cracks and corners.
  2. Remove all refrigerator drawers or shelves and leave in warm water with detergent for weeks.
  3. To wipe the interior, use a mixture of warm water and detergent.
  4. Use baking soda to remove stubborn stains.
  5. Follow the instructions on cleaning products carefully.

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