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Sustainable Living Tips for Efficiently Using Your Central Heating

Written by Zilvinas Puisys

Although it is part of our everyday lives, central heating is an expensive luxury for some, especially during winter. It’s also something that most of us can’t live without, an essential in homes and workplaces across the nation. In recent years, many of us are trying to live sustainably to cut costs and be more eco-friendly. So we have to look for ways for green living whilst still using the central heating. There are many ways to warm your home and get hot water from your central heating system without releasing tonnes of carbon emissions and spending hundreds on energy bills. If you are looking for advice on how to efficiently use your central heating to live more sustainably, take note of the following tips.

Turn Down the Heat

Lower your thermostat slightly to make a huge difference to the amount of energy used. Even one degree can make a noticeable difference to your energy usage.

district heating design

Thermal Insulation

Fill in your wall cavities with insulation and make sure your loft area is well insulated. British Gas offer free insulation installation for homes deemed suitable. Also seal up any draughts in doors, windows, floors, and cracks.

Be Smart

Get a smart thermostat as a low-cost way to greatly improve efficiency. This way you can remotely control your central heating using an app on your smart device. You can find out the temperature of your home and change the settings from wherever you are to prevent wasted heating.

District Heating Networks

As an effective and sustainable way of distributing heat to properties for hot water and central heating, a district heating design can be better option than a localised boiler. Using this type of network can lower the impact to the environment and pollution, whilst decreasing bills and improving efficiency.

Renewable Energy

Using renewable energy such as solar or biomass to power your central heating is much more sustainable than non-renewable energy. Although it can be costly to install the system, you will see huge savings long into the future.

Radiate Heat

Ensure your radiators are clear from clutter so the heat can freely circulate around the room. Try placing a sheet of foil between the wall and the radiator to prevent the heat escaping through the wall and instead reflect it back into the room. Also think about adding a radiator booster, which works by bringing the trapped air behind the radiator out and dispersing it into the room.

Wear More Layers

Of course this seems like an obvious one, but it can really make a difference. Wearing more layers, thicker jumpers and using blankets around the house mean you feel warmer and need to use less heating.

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