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Warning Signs That It’s Time for New Roof, Call Roofing Contractors Now!

Written by Zilvinas Puisys

When most homeowner places a leak in their ceiling, their first move is to call a roofer to come out, take a look, and get the problem fixed, but sometimes the causes of these leaks aren’t as simple as replacing a worn out shingle, and sometimes they can be an indicator of a much bigger problem. Leaks in your roof can spring up from a number of different causes, and sometimes the solution to those problems is actually investing in a completely new roof for your home. How do you know if your roof just needs repairs, or if your issues are a sign that you need to be looking for a complete replacement, however? Roofing contractors in Livingston coCountyichigan, to help you in that determination, the roofing professionals at Livingstonroofpros have put together a short list of some of some of the warning indicators to be on the lookout for that will let you know your roof is overdue for a replacement.

Roof Age

One of the first determining factors on whether or not it’s time for a new roof is by taking an appearance and seeing how outdated your present roof is. Most professionals in the industry concur that the typical lifespan of the roof is between 20 and 25 years, based on how well it’s been looked after. If your roofing was set up over a previous level of roofing, or it isn’t correctly ventilated, this can reduce its lifespan even more. If your roofing is pushing twenty years, the possibilities are that it’s overdue for an upgraded.

Buckled Or Curling Shingles

If the shingles on your own roof are starting to buckle and relax, it really is a sure sign you are in need of a fresh roof. If you have a look at the shingles on the slopes of your roofing that a lot of often subjected to sunlight, and observe that they are needs to relax, crack, or get rid of granules, it really is most often an indicator they are beyond their lifespan. When you see this sort of damage, addititionally there is the likelihood that your roofing is defective altogether. It is always smart to contact a specialist roofing contractor to determine which of the two possibilities holds true and see if you could be eligible for reimbursement of some kind.

Roof Valleys

If the shingles on your roof are falling apart or missing altogether in this particular area, it is a definite sign that you are overdue for a new roof. The valley is one of the most important areas on your entire roof as it is essential to making sure that snow and rain circulation through them and into your gutters without pooling. If the integrity of the valleys on your roof are compromised, your home could be at risk of vital roof damage.

Shingle Granules In Your Gutters

Every so often, it is important to check and make sure that your gutters aren’t full of shingle granules. When shingles reach the end of their lifespan, they tend to lose more of these, which can lead to an inconsistent or darker color on certain parts of your roof or granules in your gutters, indicating that they have been worn away.

Daylight Due to Your Roof Boards

If, when going for walks on your roof, it feels spongy or almost like a trampoline, this is an indicator that the underlying decking has been weakened from moisture. Check in your attic to observe if there is any daylight coming through the boards and for moisture in the insulation. Both are indicators that the integrity of your roof has been compromised.

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