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Phantom Screens – To Get Beautiful View

Phantom Screens
Written by Zilvinas Puisys

Phantom Screens are the retractable screens; it means they are not fixed, hinged and sliding. But they retract in your wall or recess where they are hidden from the view. It is quite challenging to know how awesome they actually are until you see it personally, as lots of people go for old fashioned screens. For this reason, we have come up with some ways to understand why Phantom retractable screens are an awesome choice.

Retractable doors from Phantom screens are well known for the sturdy and durability construction. The low profile housing will blend with any of your door frame design. Some other features include spring tension that will hold the screen tightly, fiberglass mesh in the ultra-sheer for ventilation & adjustable sizes. In addition, this screen will absorb any kind of impact without tearing and sagging. Available colors of the door are slivered almond, Hartford green and classic white.

Doesn’t obstruct your view

The retractable screens will disappear from the view when you do not need them. Thus, when you close the windows, you will retract the screens & look through glass, instead glass and fixed screen. The fixed screens are always there & looking through them will get very annoying. Particularly with the patio doors, as view just is not very nice with the screen door in view. With the retractable screens you may enjoy perfect view. It comes in very handy if you’re an animal lover or birdwatcher and you would like to take a picture through the window.

Phantom Screens

Phantom Screens preserve architectural integrity

The phantom screens come in various colors, sizes & wood grain finishes thus they will match any home. Depending on the kind of retractable screen you choose, they are easily recessed so they’re hidden from the view unless needed. You may put these screens on the windows that will stretch over 25 long, or put phantom screens on the verandas, patios or decks to enjoy the mosquito free meals & lounging. The retractable screens are that versatile.

French doors screens

Earlier putting screens on the French doors was very difficult, but with the Phantom screens one can place 2 screens that can be mounted to both the side of a door frame. Dual screens will meet in a center and held in proper place with the hidden latch system. It gives you all benefits of the screens, whereas preserving your door look. With this system, you have to open only one screen that makes access in & out of your house simple!

Keep UV rays out

The retractable screens decrease the sun glare and keeps out harmful UV rays. It stops your furnishings, artwork and floors from fading. These screens disappear when you do not want them.

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