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What Homeowners Need To Know About the Most Common Residential Electrical Problems?

Electricity is very important in our homes, but it is also extremely dangerous. When it shuts down, fixing it can be complicated. This is the reason why many of us call an electrician right away when we experience power loss. When it comes to residential electrical services, you need to call an expert to do the job.

You always have to remember that an amateur electrical job can cause the circuits to overload.  Poor wire connections can also cause problems and can be hazardous to you and your family. Of course, electrical problems happen once in a while, but there are certain electrical services that only an expert can do.

Residential Electrical Services, Inc. (RES)

There are plenty of Pearland Electrician out there but one of the most trusted is RES. A lot of Pearland residents recommend the company because of the high-quality service that they provide. Their customers’ time and money are important for them too which is why they make sure that they are only providing satisfactory electrical services. Their electricians are skilled and licensed to assist you anytime you need fixing or updating with your electrical system.

Most Common Electrical Issues

Basic wiring can be simple for some homeowners, such as replacing fixtures. But electricians always warn homeowners that there are plenty of electrical repairs in the home that needs an expert electrician. But before calling an electrician over, here are some of the most common electrical issues that you encounter at home and how to deal with it.

  • When Outlets And Lights Suddenly Go Out. This usually happens and this is referred to as “tripping a circuit” or “blowing a fuse.” This kind of problem is an easy one. All you need is to find your utility panel and the switch to reset the breakers (GFCIs). Once you have tried this troubleshooting and you still don’t have power, this is when you need to contact your local electrician.
  • Outlets Are Too Hot To Touch. If you have encountered this problem, then you should be aware that this is not normal. There are some electronic chargers that may heat up a bit, but they should not emit strong heat. If in any case that your outlet is warm when these devices are not plugged into the said outlet, it is an indicator that you have a problem with loose wires, a broken outlet, or maybe an overloaded circuit.
  • When Lights Flicker. Many homeowners do not know that when they are using a high wattage bulb for their light fixture, it can be very dangerous. The bulb will become very hot and can burn or melt your socket as well as the insulation on the fixture wiring. This can cause a high risk arcing that can jump around your wires and cause electrical fires. If you know what kind of bulb to use, make sure that it is within the allowed wattage. If you do not have any idea, call an electrician to stay safe.

Always remember that our homes need to be safe at all cost. Fire accidents happen every time, especially during the summer months. Do not be a victim. Protect your home today and make sure that you get in touch with a reliable electrician from Pearland.

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